Side Tables and Coffee Tables

Side Tables and Coffee Tables

Coffee tables and side tables are indispensable as they are practical, decorative and functional furniture that make life easier. Coffee tables are produced with their materials and models to meet all the needs and are very useful for outdoors as well as indoors. In addition to standard productions, it is also possible to have custom designs by determining the materials and dimensions according to your needs.

These products can be used almost anywhere, such as the centre of small lodges in hotel rooms, cafes, in between two wing chairs in front of windows. All models other than those produced with wood can be used for outdoor decorations and can be used in garden, balcony, patio, terrace areas throughout the year.

Plastic models designed especially for outdoor spaces are produced from weather-resistant materials in order to be functional and robust in the areas where they will be used.  You can choose any material you like in all models and place your orders accordingly except for plastic models. Coffee tables and side tables can be used with different furniture as well as with products such as benches or chairs produced with the same materials.

Standing out with their minimal lines, coffee tables can be used between two armchairs at homes or in the lodge of a small company. As it adds an aesthetic value to every space it is used, it can be preferred for decoration purposes in addition to its functional purpose. You can order the coffee tables, which offer a wide variety in terms of color and material, by personalising them according to the area it is used. In this way, when you need to place a bulk order for large areas, it becomes very easy to have a unique decoration style.

Please contact us to get further detailed information about the Side Tables and Coffee Tables, to determine the right materials for your usage areas and to find answers to all your questions.

Selecting the Right Side and Coffee Tables

  1. Determine the Purpose and Placement: Start by considering where and how you will use the table. Side tables are perfect next to sofas or armchairs for holding drinks, books, or lamps, while coffee tables serve as a central piece in living rooms for snacks, magazines, and decorative items.
  2. Consider the Space Size: Measure your available space to ensure the table fits comfortably. For smaller rooms, opt for compact or nesting tables to save space. In larger areas, you can go for bigger, statement coffee tables.
  3. Match with Existing Décor: Choose a table that complements your room's existing furniture and style. Whether your decor is modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic, there’s a table design to match.

Models and Styles

  1. Traditional Tables: Often made of wood, featuring classic designs with ornate details and carved legs. Ideal for elegant, time-honored living spaces.
  2. Modern Tables: Characterized by clean lines, minimalist designs, often made of materials like metal, glass, or polished wood. Perfect for contemporary interiors.
  3. Rustic Tables: Made of reclaimed wood, with a natural, rugged look. They fit well in country-style or vintage-themed rooms.
  4. Nesting Tables: These are versatile, space-saving tables that can be stacked together. Suitable for small apartments or as occasional tables in larger rooms.
  5. Industrial Tables: Combining metal with wood or glass, these tables have a robust, edgy feel, great for modern urban lofts.

Usage Across Different Areas

  1. Living Rooms: Both side and coffee tables are staples here, used to complement sofas and chairs, and for functional and decorative purposes.
  2. Bedrooms: Side tables are excellent as nightstands, perfect for holding bedside lamps, alarm clocks, and books.
  3. Home Offices: Side tables can serve as additional surface space for printers, books, or decorative items.
  4. Outdoor Spaces: Choose weather-resistant tables for patios or balconies to add functionality and style to outdoor living areas.