NEO-253247E Square Laminated-Mdf Table Pedestal Metal Leg 80x80cm


NEO-253247E Square Laminated-Mdf Table Pedestal Metal Leg 80x80cm

The 80x80cm Square laminated-mdf table is highly durable, suitable for commercial use. Modern, useful and economical table, color alternative. It is the right choice for hotel, restaurant, food court, cafe, coffee shop, steak house decoration


Square Laminated-Mdf Table Pedestal Metal Leg 80x80cm

  • Laminated-mdf table is produced to be durable to intensive use in crowded enterprises. Thanks to the color options, the most suitable choice can be made for decoration. It is suitable for indoor dining areas.
  • Table top is made of 25mm thick laminated-mdf material. You can choose from a large number of colors and patterns on the color chart. The table top is easy to clean and does not contain bacteria.
  • Pedestal table leg provides comfortable use. It can be painted with the color chosen from the Ral cartel.
  • The table produced with quality material is the right choice due to its modern appearance and long life. It is advantageous for businesses because it is economical. Can be used as hotel dining table, restaurant table, food court table, cafe table, coffee shop table, steak house table. In addition to the Horeca sector, it is also ideal for the dining areas of businesses in different sectors. For example; It is used in dining areas of hospital, clinic, office, school, public institution and factory buildings.
  • For chair selection the chairs page can be viewed

Additional information:

  • Mdf-laminated table tops can be produced in desired size and thickness. It can be ordered as square, round, rectangular. There are 18mm, 36mm, 40mm thickness options. In order to use the examined table outdoors the table top should be hpl, iroko, metal, marble, corian.
  • Table legs page can be viewed for a different table leg model. Please contact us for detailed information and wholesale price.


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