NEO-251243E Square Laminated-Mdf Table Metal Leg 80x80cm


NEO-251243E Square Laminated-Mdf Table Metal Leg 80x80cm

80x80cm Squae Laminated-mdf table is ideal for commercial use. It can be used in restaurant, hotel, cafe, coffee shop, shopping mall, fast food decoration. Aesthetic looking, solid and comfortable table, color alternative.


Square Laminated-Mdf Table Metal Leg 80x80cm

  • Aesthetic, useful, durable table is ideal for commercial use. Being alternative with color provides convenience for adaptation to decoration.
  • Table top has solid color, wood pattern and marble pattern options. It is 25mm thick.
  • Decorative looking round metal table leg can be painted in any color. It is possible to be chosen from Ral chart. It can be painted as glossy, matte, texture. Request information for chrome, brass, copper, bronze coatings.
  • Laminated-mdf table is shipped unassembled, easy to carry, low transportation cost advantage is provided. It can be mounted quickly and practically.
  • It is the right choice for restaurant, hotel, cafe, shopping mall, coffee shop, steak house, fast food decorations. In addition to the businesses in the food and beverage industry; It can be used in lunchroom areas of hospital, clinic, factory, school, office buildings. For the selection of chairs to be used together, the category of chairs can be examined.

Additional Information:

  • Laminated-mdf table tops can be produced in different sizes and thicknesses. It can be ordered in square, round and rectangular shapes. Generally thickness options; 18mm, 36mm, 40mm To make this table suitable for outdoor use, hpl table top, iroko table top, metal table top can be used.
  • Models on the table legs page can be examined, and a different table leg can be selected. There are many options on this page. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale price with us