NEO-251197E Metal Loveseat For Outdoor


NEO-251197E Metal Loveseat For Outdoor

$ 225.00

Metal loveseat is designed for outdoor areas such as garden and patio. Decorative, light, durable and comfortable sofa can be produced in any color. Outdoor sofa sets can be created with the armchair produced in the same model.


Metal Loveseat For Outdoor

  • A pleasant chatting area can be created outdoors with this loveseat, which has a simple appearance and comfortable use. It is a user friendly product with all the features that garden furniture designs should have. It can be used for many years in hotels, cafes and holiday villages due to its comfortable seating, lightness, strength and maintenance. Outdoor sofa sets can be created with the armchair produced in the same model or they can be ordered separately.
  • The seat and back cushions of loveseat are produced with acrylic fabric. Colors and patterns can be selected from UV-repellent, waterproof fabrics. Since it is zippered, the fabrics can easily be removed and cleaned.
  • Color can be selected for the metal body to suit the decoration and other furniture. It can be painted as matte or shiny.
  • The iroko wood on the arms is suitable for outdoors and teak oil is applied.
  • Metal loveseat dimensions w.134cm d.68cm h.81cm
  • The product is resistant to weather conditions and does not require careful use. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.

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