NEO-250209E Stylish Modern Comfortable Restaurant Chair


NEO-250209E Stylish Modern Comfortable Restaurant Chair

$ 115.00

It is a stylish, modern and comfortable seating chair designed for hotel and restaurant businesses. It is produced for order and color can be selected. It can optionally be furnished with fabric or leather. The metal body can be painted or chrome, copper, brass, bronze plated.


Stylish Modern Comfortable Restaurant Chair

  • The first impression of the guests is the chair design, which will be contributed to the decoration as just to be adopted the business and be spent a longer time. The seating area is wide and it is comfortable with its ergonomic dimensions. Metal body provides stylish appearance and durability against intensive use.
  • The chair can be upholstered with different types of leather and fabrics, such as faux leather, suede, nubuck, velvet, linen, coton, chenille. There are many color and pattern options in each.
  • In the color of the metal body, you may choose from the ral chart. In addition, chrome, copper, brass and bronze coating can be applied and produced on metal as well.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • The dimensions of the chair Restaurant w.61cm d.53cm h.81cm Weight 9,7kg
  • Restaurant, where decoration is as important as menu, is the right choice for hotel businesses. For detailed information about the stylish restaurant chair and for the wholesale price, please contact with us.