NEO-250207E Luxury Chair Interior Design For Restaurant

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NEO-250207E Luxury Chair Interior Design For Restaurant

Stylish and comfortable restaurant decoration can be created with the luxury chair. Color selection can be made. Optionally, chrome, brass, copper, bronze coating can be made. Suitable for interior decorations. It can be upholstered with fabric or leather.


Luxury Chair Interior Design For Restaurant

  • Stylish metal chair designs, which are played an important role in today’s modern decoration styles, are now at the forefront. The luxury chair examined is the right choice for a memorable decoration and comfortable dining time. Spacious seating and back space have an elegant and spacious look without creating a rough mass.
  • Ergonomics suitable for the human body is aimed in the session and back. It can optionally be produced with fabric or leather. There are loads of color and pattern options.
  • Metal body is provides us with advantage due to its not being deformed even though human circulation is high. It can be painted in the color to be chosen from the ral color chart, or coatings such as chrome, brass, copper, bronze can be made.
  • Dimensions of the restaurant chair w.56cm d.62cm h.82cm Weight 8 Kg
  • It is suitable for interior decorations.
  • Product; It can be used in hotel, restaurant businesses or home decoration. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale price with us.


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