NEO-250171E Beetle Chair Gubi Chair Upholstered Replica


NEO-250171E Beetle Chair Gubi Chair Upholstered Replica

The chair with modern, comfortable and solid features is among the favorite furniture for architects in the world. Having color alternatives provides personalization of the chair. Designed in 2013, Beetle Chair, also known as Gubi Chair, has taken its place in luxury hotel, cafe, restaurant decorations.


Beetle Chair Gubi Chair Upholstered Replica

  • It is a chair designed in 2013 and liked by architects, art lovers and public. Its modern style, very comfortable seating and solid structure made it popular. It can be used in different places such as dining hall, meeting room, home study rooms as it can be customized thanks to the color alternatives. Nowdays, it has taken its place in luxury cafe and restaurant decorations.
  • Based on the design philosophy, velvet is generally preferred for the upholstery part of the Beetle Chair. However, different types of leather or fabrics can be used for the custom made chair.
  • Metal legs can be produced in different colors. Color can be selected from the ral chart. Chrome, copper, brass coating options are available.
  • Beetle Chair dimensions w.51cm d.61cm h.83cm Weight 7.2 Kg
  • This design is also produced as a bar stool.
  • Please contact for more information and wholesale prices.

What is Beetle Chair?

Beetle chair was designed for Gubi by GamFratesi, design studio established in 2006. GamFratesi was founded by Danish architect Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. GamFratesi has signed many designs to reach the modern and perfect chair. When GamFratesi designed Beetle chair in 2013, it was inspired by nature. The hard outer surface and soft inner part forms the chair as the the shell of an insect. For this reason, soft velvet is used for the upholstery. The philosophy of the chair contains the contrasts in nature as the strong shell is balanced with the softness of the velvet upholstery. This is actually the key to the success of the chair. Metal legs likewise resemble the legs of an insect.

Gubi, where the design was made; was established in Copenhagen in 1967. It has been cooperating with GamFratesi for many years. In Gubi’s philosophy, design is a never-ending task since everyone has a very close relationship with seating. We spend most of our life sitting. In fact, we are even fighting for the most comfortable spot on the sofa at home.

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