NEO-250145E Vitra Standard Chair Upholstered Replica


NEO-250145E Vitra Standard Chair Upholstered Replica

$ 85.00

Standard Chair, designed in 1934, is produced with upholstery. It is the choice of enterprises due to its comfortable seating, decorative appearance, robustness and maintenance-free feature. Fabric or leather can be selected for the upholstered part. The body can be painted in desired color. It is suitable for indoor dining areas.


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Vitra Standard Chair Upholstered Replica

  • The design, which has been popular since 1934, called Standard Chair, is produced with upholstery. Its distinctive difference from other chair designs is that its rear legs are thick and the front legs are thin. The reason for the asymmetrical appearance is that body weight puts more pressure on the back.
  • Fabric or leather can be used for the upholstery for comfortable seating. There are many color and pattern alternatives. High density foam is used.
  • The metal body is static painted. It is possible to choose from the ral chart.
  • This chair is also produced without upholstery using solid wood on the seat and back.
  • The most important feature of the Upholstered Standard Chair is its durable body as it is metal and it is ideal for crowded dining areas. It is often preferred for commercial use.
  • It is suitable for indoor or for outdoor dining areas with shelter.
  • Chair dimensions are w.45cm d.57cm h.80cm Weight 7.4 Kg
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