NEO-150028E Coffee Shop Table With Pedestal Base


NEO-150028E Coffee Shop Table With Pedestal Base

Modern style contract table is used in enterprises with many people. Color and size can be selected. It is the right choice for decorations of coffee shop, hotel, food court and restaurants.

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Coffee Shop Table With Pedestal Base

  • The modern-looking table is used for decorating enterprises in the horeca sector. The leg in the middle provides ease of use. Table for two can be produced in different sizes. It also has color, wood pattern and marble pattern alternatives. Chair designs can be viewed to provide a stylish appearance with this table.
  • Laminated mdf table top is 70x70x4cm as standard. The square table can be produced in sizes between 50cm-80cm. Thickness options of the table top are; 1,8cm, 2,5cm, 3cm, 3,6cm, 5cm. The table height is 75cm. This table can be ordered as round and square. It can also be produced at the height of a bar table and coffee table.
  • Color, wooden and marble designs can be selected from the chart for the table top.
  • Other alternatives to laminated mdf table top are; hpl table top, solid panel table top, veneer table top, werzalit table top, digital printed table top, billet table top, epoxy table top etc.
  • The table leg is chrome-plate on metal. For different table legs, the table legs category can be viewed. Iron profile, iron casting, aluminum profile, aluminum casting, stainless steel, solid wood, laminated mdf, polycarbonate, polypropylene table legs can be preferred. Color can be selected for all table legs. Metal ones can be painted in desired color or different coating options can be applied. Chrome plated table leg, copper plated table leg, bronze plated table leg, gold plated table leg can be produced. Please ask for information.
  • Wooden table with metal legs can be used indoors. A very similar table can be produced with different materials for use in garden and patio.
  • The glides on the table leg keep the table straight and stable on uneven floors.
  • It is shipped as disassembled for truck, 18 wheeler, container shipments. It has low transportation cost advantage. The installation is easy.

Since the square table is specially designed according to decoration, it fits easily to both to the space and other furniture. It is ideal for places with intensive human traffic such as coffee shop, hotel, food court. In addition, it is preferred by public institutions, office, hospital, school and factories. The robust body structure, being easy to clean and maintenance-free, the elegant appearance are the features that stand out.  Please contact for more information and wholesale prices of the table.


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