NEO-150003E Commercial Cafe Table


NEO-150003E Commercial Cafe Table

Its different design provides advantages both for the guests and enterprises. The color alternatives makes it easier to adapt to the decoration. The dimensions of the cafe table can be determined according to where the product will be used.


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Commercial Cafe Table

  • In the production of the table, which is in the contract furniture group, some details can be determined by user.
  • The table top is 60x170x1.8 cm and can be produced with 3cm or 3,6cm thickness. The height of the dining table is 75cm.
  • There is a pvc band around the table top. The table top can be ordered with color, wooden pattern or marble pattern. You can choose from the chart. Besides laminated mdf, table tops produced with different materials can also be produced. For example, hpl table top, solid panel table top, veneered table top, billet table top, marble table top, digital printed table top can also be preferred. All types of varnish can be applied to wooden table tops. It can also be applied as distressed.
  • Wooden turned table legs can be painted in desired color. Lacquer or distressed applications can be used.
  • Metal parts of table leg are chrome-plated. In addition, copper-plate, brass-plate, gold-plate can be applied upon request. Another alternative application is that it can be painted to a color in the ral chart as matte or shiny. Optionally, stainless steel can be used at the bottom of the table leg.
  • The table leg has glides. If the floor is uneven, the glides keep the table straight.
  • The table is shipped as disassembled for ease of transport and low transportation costs. It can be installed easily and quickly.
  • The table can be used indoors. If this model is to be used in the outdoor dining areas, it must be produced with different materials. Please ask for information about this.

The distinctive design, ease of use and stylish appearance provide advantages for enterprises. It is the right choice for cafe and fast food restaurants that people visit frequently. This design can also be produced as a bar table. The fact that all details are determined by architects or business owners makes it easier to adapt the table to the decoration. It is very robust in terms of quality materials and production techniques. It provides a pleasant meal time for many years in crowded enterprises. It is easy to clean and it is a hygienic product.