NEO-150001E Custom Restaurant Table


NEO-150001E Custom Restaurant Table

All details of the restaurant table can be specified by user. The most suitable wood, paint and coating options for project and decoration are evaluated and put into production.


Please contact us for further details about the production stages, technical information, delivery time, customised logo production, modification options, price information and to place an order.

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Custom Restaurant Table

  • It is produced upon order.
  • The table top is 80x140x6cm. It can be produced in different sizes. The same model can also be ordered as square.
  • The wooden parts of the table are produced with laminated mdf material. Color and pattern can be selected. This table can be produced with veneer and solid wood panel. In this case all varnish types can be applied. Distressed application can also be used.
  • The metal part of the table leg is chrome plated. Other coating options are: copper plated, brass plated, gold plated. In addition, stainless steel can be used in the metal part or it can be produced as static painted in desired color.
  • The table leg has glides which keeps the table straight if the floor is uneven.
  • The table is shipped as disassembled. It is very easy to install.
  • It is recommended to use the table indoors. If this model is to be used in outdoor dining areas, it must be produced with different materials. Please ask for information.

It is a stylish and comfortable table used in crowded dining areas. It is preferred for restaurant, hotel and cafeteria decorations. It is easy to clean and hygienic, making it ideal for the enterprises in the catering industry. An important advantage is that all details can be determined by architects or business owners.


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