Ghost Bar Stools

Ghost Bar Stools

Ghost Bar Stools, which are preferred for indoor and outdoor use, create a perfect combination with modern and minimalist decorations. The designs used in the open-air concepts of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and hotels also provide ideal use for the outdoor spaces of living spaces such as gardens, terraces and courtyards.

Its lightness and ideal dimensions are among the most characteristic features of Ghost Bar Stools. Models, which are also designed as ghost chairs, are produced from plexiglass material. You can prefer Ghost Bar Stools to create an extraordinary and sophisticated look in your enterprise.

Ghost Bar Stools with Plain Details

The transparent products can also be designed in different colors according to your request and the decoration style of your company. Thus, both liveliness and an aesthetic appearance can be achieved at the same time. The custom produced models offer the opportunity to add corporate logo application during the production phase.

Ghost Bar Stools, which are preferred for use in elite and distinguished organisations such as weddings and invitations, can be easily decorated. The stools, crowned with stylish details, maximise the aesthetic perception with colors such as transparent white, lame and gold.

Functional and Ergonomic Designs

Factors such as decoration style, functionality, comfort and durability play a major role while choosing bar stools. Depending on the decoration type of your enterprise, the products you can choose in classic, modern, country, retro, vintage and industrial styles can be custom produced with the desired changes according to your taste.

Ghost Bar Stools, which are not affected by external environmental conditions, succeed in satisfying their users in this sense. The design models, which do not deform even with intensive and long-term use, defy years with their quality.

Ghost Bar Stools impress with their elegant design options. The selection, which has bar stool models in styles and colors suitable for every decoration style, easily adapts to the current atmosphere of your business and adds an extraordinary atmosphere to the environment. If you would like to host your guests in your enterprise or in special events in a way that suits your style, you can take a closer look at the Ghost Bar Stools collection.