Coffee Shop Bar Stools

Coffee Shop Bar Stools

The interior design of coffee shop businesses and barista shops are important in terms of reflecting the spirit of the space. Bar stools constitute one of the details that reflect the style of your business in the bars of coffee shops. For this reason, one of the furniture that should be suitable with the general concept of the space is the bar stools. When choosing products that reflect the style of your business, you can easily reach the decor you are looking for with with custom size and color options. Stylish combinations can be created with coffee shop sofa and coffee shop tables and chairs.

Bar stools constitute an important point of decoration, especially since they are one of the most noticeable furniture in front of the bar. Bar stool models that will integrate with the decoration you choose for your space, is made of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, woven and casting. It is possible to find a bar stool that complements the decor you among these rich options.

Metal Bar Stool For Coffee Shop

Metal Bar Stools which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor are one of the favourite products due to their durable structure and decorative appearance. They are custom made products, which are produced in specific color and size according to the decoration of the businesses. In recent years the products in the garden furniture category has started to take place frequently in the indoor areas. You can choose the one that suits your style among dozens of different models and create comfortable spaces for your guests. You can become a part of the production with models that can be produced specifically for the decoration you think of for your space and you can make the design you dream of.

Upholstered Bar Stool For Coffee Shop

Upholstered bar chairs are wooden and metal body products that can be upholstered with leather or fabric. Beech wood is used in the production of wooden bodies and it is very resistant to intensive use. The upholstered bar stools are recommended to be used in indoors. Some models are suitable for indoor outdoor areas. These products are custom produced. You can share the details you want about customisable products, and ensure that products such as size and color are produced according to your wishes.

Cast Aluminum Bar Stool For Coffee Shop

You can forward your requests such as color determination not only for upholstered bar stools, but also for cast iron bar stools. Classic and stylish bar chairs are produced in certain molds. It is an ideal option for the decoration of both indoor and outdoor areas such as garden, patio and terrace.

Iroko Bar Stool For Coffee Shop

The wooden chairs, which are suitable for outdoor use are an important choice due to their natural appearance. Thanks to their custom made production which are not being deformed in crowded enterprises. Thanks to the teak oil applied on it improves its appearance and shows more resistance to weather conditions. Although wooden products adapt to many decors, they have a great place especially in the general decoration of coffee shops.

Woven Bar Stool For Coffee Shop

The Woven on the metal body can be chosen in the desired color, is resistant to UV rays and does not fade. If you want to host your guests in a memorable environment, we recommend you to review our woven bar chair models, which are both comfortable and impressive in appearance.

You can evaluate the coffee shop bar chairs and determine the most suitable product for your business design. Many of the products are also produced as dining chairs. For post-order of bar chairs, you can send us your requests in details such as color, size or upholstery and add your own touches to the decor you want to achieve.