Ghost Chairs

Ghost Chairs

Ghost Chair models reflect the eye-catching combination of transparency, brightness add elegance in spaces they are used. It is designed for use in many indoor and outdoor areas, from wedding halls to dining rooms. Products made of durable polycarbonate material contain a glass fibre mixture. The designs, which are very easy to clean, also offer the advantage of storage thanks to their stackable features.

Ghost Chair designs that shine like a jewel have different styles such as modern and classic. Ghost Chairs with different alternatives in terms of seat height, width and length attract attention with their appearance. It can be preferred for enterprises such as cafe, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, steak house, and it can be used in its first day form for many years. Likewise, it can be used at home. Products with different back and arm details are suitable for use with cushions. The products in the collection are made of materials that are resistant to fading due to sunlight thanks to their UV protection additive and are far from deformation issues. Ghost Bar Stools can also be viewed to create stylish combinations.

Ghost Chairs for Spacious Spaces

In addition to Ghost Chair designs with pastel and vibrant color options, there are also colorless options. It helps to create a bright and spacious atmosphere by reflecting the light. The transparent designs show narrow spaces spacious. Even in the use of a large number of chairs, thanks to its light transmittance, it provides a spacious appearance. Comfortable models designed with or without armrests are durable against scratches, weight and impacts. You can choose from creative designs blended with different decoration elements such as tree of life, honeycomb and column, or products with geometric modern lines.

Storage and Cleaning Tips for Ghost Chairs

You can use durable Ghost Chairs  for a stylish and modern look in places designed for large organisations where crowds are hosted or for small friend meetings at home. There are also products with stackable body structures. These products are preferred by companies dealing with organisations as the stackable feature creates an advantage during transportation. Since the chairs have a transparent texture, it is recommended to dry it with a microfibre cloth after cleaning with a damp cloth. You can ensure that they always maintain their shine by protecting the products from water spots and dust.