NEO-800204E Serpentine Banquet Table


NEO-800204E Serpentine Banquet Table

A large round banquet table can be created with this table. In addition, a long curved table can be created by combining one straight and one reverse. It is used in wedding, dinner invitation, meeting, congress, conference, seminar and various organizations. An elegant decoration can be created for guests separately or in combination with other banquet tables.


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Serpentine Banquet Table

With this table produced in different sizes, a seating layout can be created in different ways. It can be placed around the table to increase the size of the round banquet. In this way, a large round dining table or meeting table is created. Serpentine banquet table can be used single where necessary. Another seating layout; The serpentine tables are joined to each other as one straight and one inverse, thus forming a long and curved table. Serpentine banquet table can be used together with other banquet tables at meetings, weddings, dinner invitations, congresses, conferences, seminars and other events. It can be folded and stored when not in use like other tables. It is ideal for crowded places such as wedding hall, public institution, hotel, company building, school, hospital, factory. In addition to standard dimensions, it can be produced in special dimensions according to the project. It is the ideal product to provide guests the seating plan to have a pleasant time.

  • Serpentine banquet table is produced as Ø300cm 1/5, Ø360cm 1/5, Ø300cm 1/6, Ø360cm 1/6 as standard. Since it is custom produced, it can be requested in different sizes.
  • Please request information for much larger, custom-made banquet tables.
  • Produced with 18mm thick mdf-lam material.  For the table top color and pattern can be selected by user. Solid colors and wooden patterns can be selected from the chart.
  • The table top has a plastic T-band on the edge to prevent damage from frequent use and impacts. This band is elastic and eliminates the impact. It is more durable than aluminum or pvc bands. When service is required, the plastic T-band is easily replaced at the location. No mastery or handcraft is required. But for the replacement of pvc and aluminum bands, the table must be sent to the production area.
  • The table leg is produced with metal round pipe. Pipe profile size is Ø28mm with wall thickness of 1,2mm. According to the project it can be produced in desired color with static paint. All colors on the ral chart can be applied. The table leg being foldable provides ease of transport, storage and carrying. There is also a locking system on the table leg. When the table is in use, the legs do not close themselves automatically and do not open automatically when the table is closed.
  • The folding table leg can be ordered separately. It can be produced in accordance with the size of the table top.
  • All banquet tables, including this one, can be stacked horizontally when folded. The plastic wedges on the table legs prevent the tables from scratching each other.
  • The metal frame under the table top makes the table durable. The metal frame does not add any additional weight to the table since there is no profile.
  • If the floor is uneven, glides can be adjusted under the table leg and the table can be kept in balance.
  • It is recommended not to leave the table under rain. In outdoor events such as country weddings, hpl panels can be used as a table top. Hpl table top is also available with color and wooden pattern options.

Serpentine banquet table is ideal for creating seating layout in different ways. It can be used in all enterprises, public buildings and all organizations. It does not deform due to intensive use and has a robust body structure. It is practical, useful and lightweight and provides advantages for enterprises. In this way, it is quick and easy to prepare and tidy up the area where the organization will be held. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.

Standard production dimensions;

Ø160cm ¼, Ø180cm ¼ – Ø200cm ¼

Custom size very large banquet tables are drawn and put into production.


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