NEO-780005E Aluminium Sofa Set Luxury Garden Patio


NEO-780005E Aluminium Sofa Set Luxury Garden Patio

Completing stylish garden decorations, the product meets the expectations with its comfort. All the details can be determined specifically for the individual or the enterprise. Luxury garden sofa set can be used like day one for many years.


Aluminium Sofa Set Luxury Garden Patio

  • The sitting group, which is among the garden furniture designs suitable for stylish places, can be produced with colors that will adapt to the decoration. The design, in which metal, wood, weave and fabric are used together, has visually impressive details. It provides maximum comfort both for the host and guests. It is advantageous in terms of usage and storage due to its lightness. The seating group, appreciated by those with high expectations, can be used in outdoor areas such as garden, patio, terrace.
  • Product sizes; triple sofa w.213cm d.75cm h.87cm, double sofa w.143,5 d.75cm h.87cm, single seat w.76cm d.75cm h.87cm
  • According to your seating plan, each piece can be ordered separately and in desired quantity. Thus, seating is provided for any number of people, regardless of the standards.
  • The product body is aluminum, both lightweight and durable. You can use the ral chart for color selections. All colors can be applied on the body. The maintenance-free sofa set can be in contact with water, and can be used without problems even in seaside or poolside areas.
  • The woven rope on the sides and back have color alternatives. UV added rope is resistant to sunlight.
  • Colors and patterns can be selected for cushions. Fabrics are UV added, their colors do not fade. The cushions are zippered and the covers can be removed at times of cleaning. Plase ask for washing instructions according to the preferred fabric type.
  • There are iroko wood on the armrests. Teak oil is applied on wood to increase durability.
  • The sofa set is also ideal for commercial use. With this design, a stylish appearance and ambitious decorations are provided in hotel, cafe, coffee shops. Please contact for detailed information and sales prices.

Please contact us for further details about the production stages, technical information, delivery time, customised logo production, modification options, price information and to place an order.



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