NEO-750029E Woven Outdoor Dining Chair For Hospitality


NEO-750029E Woven Outdoor Dining Chair For Hospitality

It is one of the ideal hospitality products that combine comfort, lightness, durability and decorative appearance. The woven dining chair can be used indoors and outdoors. A decoration in the comfort of home can be created in hotel, cafe, restaurants for the guests.


Woven Outdoor Dining Chair For Hospitality

  • Its decorative stance, comfortable seating and solid body structure are the prominent features. The round form that wraps the back when leaning contributes to a pleasant time. The chair in the garden furniture group can also be used in the interior suitable with the decoration. There are color options for the body and cushion of the woven dining chair, which is custom produced specific for the enterprise. It is preferred for hotels, cafes and restaurants that host a large number of people throughout the year. Also, it can be used in social facilities, residential site, shopping mall and company decorations. It provides comfort in outdoor areas such as garden, patio, terrace.
  • The chair, which is produced as a weave on an aluminum body, is resistant to external weather conditions. When it gets wet, there is no corrosion on the body. It can be used without any problems even near the seaside. The color of the body can be selected from the ral chart. The selected color can be applied as matte, shiny or texture according to the user’s preference.
  • The seat cushion and back pad are zippered for easy cleaning. The cushions are produced with high density foam. The back pad has fiber. The cushion and pillow can be sewn with or without piping. Since the product can be used in indoor dining areas, you can choose from all types of fabric and leather. There are many charts such as polyester, velvet, linen, coton, chenille, faux leather, suede, nubuck. Cushions and back pads can be produced as quilted upon request. Please ask for information.
  • Since the chair is custom produced, color of the rope can be selected. Please ask for information.
  • It is among the models that are in the garden furniture category but it can also be used indoors due to its style and decorative stance. Woven dining chair can be used together with different tables. For example; an aesthetic-looking dining group can be created with veneer, massive wood, laminated mdf, marble, hpl, printed tables. It preserves its new appearance for many years and does not require maintenance. It is light and easy to clean. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the woven dining chair .

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