NEO-750025E Weaved Rope Chair Wooden Legs


NEO-750025E Weaved Rope Chair Wooden Legs

Retro style weaved rope dining chair is the right choice to complement the elegance in decoration. Aluminum body, wooden leg and rope weave are resistant to intensive use in enterprises. Color selection can be made for all. It can be used indoors or together with garden furniture.


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Weaved Chair Rope Wooden Legs

  • The ideal product for elegant dining areas meets expectations both visually and in terms of comfort. The high back and wide seating area provide comfort and allow the chair to be used for chat areas in addition to dining areas. Reflecting the traces of retro style, the weaved chair is suitable for many decorations. In addition to the indoor and outdoor spaces of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, it can also be used in the decorations of hotel rooms, balconies and  in front of windows. Just like the products in the contract furniture group, it is also custom produced and all details can be determined by architects and business owners. Dozens of designs in the tables category compatible with the weaved chair can be viewed.
  • The legs of the chair are wooden and the upper body is aluminum profile. Wooden legs are conical. Color selection can be made. For example, it can be painted in walnut or oak color, colorless natural polish can also be applied, it can be lacquer painted. Aluminum body and wooden legs are suitable for outdoor use such as in garden, patio, terrace, balcony.
  • The production details of the cushion on the seat can be determined according to user’s preference. Cushions are produced with 5cm thickness as standard, they can be produced in different thicknesses. It is zippered so it can be removed for cleaning. The cushion can be sewn with or without wicks. Color and pattern selection can be made from a large number of color charts with all types of fabric and leather. Acrylic, polyester, velvet, linen, coton, chenille, faux leather, suede, nubuck options are available. The product can be selected for indoor and outdoor use. Also, cushion can be produced as quilted. Please ask for information.
  • Another piece that allows choosing options is the woven rope. There are threads with different features depending on indoor or garden use. Please ask for information.
  • The weaved chair in the contract furniture group is the choice of enterprises that want to provide their guests a stylish and comfortable space. It can be used both with dining tables or for small chat areas. It does not require periodic maintenance, it is long-lasting. The elegant appearance can be achieved with almost all tables. It can be used with veneer, massive wood, laminated mdf, marble, hpl, printed tables. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the weaved rope dining chair.