NEO-300469E Hotel Office Sofa Tufted

Hotel Office Sofa Tufted NEO-300469E

NEO-300469E Hotel Office Sofa Tufted

$ 799.00

You can use The Hotel Office Sofa Tufted, in hotel lobbies or in office areas. You can choose different types of color and pattern for fabric and leater upholstery.


Hotel Office Sofa Tufted

The sofa which is designed with quilted elegance, you can create a sophisticated decoration in all indoor places. With its sample color, you can use the Hotel Office Sofa Tufted which will create a bright image especially in hotel lobbies, or if you wish you can also use it in plaza and office areas. You can use this design, which is generally suitable for many indoor places, in commercial areas such as hospital, clinic and even factories.

The Hotel Offıce Sofa Tufted sofa model is made of first-class baked beech wood which you can use fabric or leather upholstery on the seating part. If you want to match the color and pattern of the fabric to the place where you will use the sofa or to the corporate colors of your company, you can freely choose from the alternatives we offer.

You can change the color of the legs according to your fabric color preference. Another advantage of the Hotel Office Sofa Tufted is that it can be produced in any size you want. In this way, you can own a wide sofa that fits easily into large spaces.


  • Produced upon order.
  • Used material: It has a quilted upholstery on a wooden body. First-class baked beech wood is used in its production.
  • Different types of color and pattern can be used in fabric or leather upholstery.
  • The wooden leg color can be chosen by user.
  • It can be produced in different lengths according to the size of the area to be used.
  • Usage area: it can be used in decoration of hotel lobby, Office, plaza, factory, clicnic and hospital. Recommended for indoor use.

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