NEO-300423E Chesterfield Single Sofa


NEO-300423E Chesterfield Single Sofa

Chesterfield single sofa is an important design that has been appreciated by people for centuries. Color selection can be made. It is ideal for commercial use in corporate building, office, hotel, lobby, hospital and clinic decorations.


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Chesterfield Single Sofa

  • The design, which is the representative of glory has gained the appreciation of people for centuries and is one of the most important. The most obvious features of this design are the arms are at the same height as the back and the quilted stitches on the inside and outside of the seat.
  • Chesterfield single sofa has been used with dark leather until today. Nowadays, different colors and fabrics are preferred to adapt to different decorations. There are many charts for color selection.
  • The wooden legs can be ordered in different colors as an alternative to walnut color.
  • Chesterfield single sofa dimensions w.97cm d.120cm h.76cm
  • It is preferred in the living rooms of houses, near windows or fireplace areas and in study rooms. It can be used in senior rooms of company buildings, lobby areas of ​​hotels, plaza entrances, hospital and office waiting rooms. Please contact for detailed information about the Chesterfield Single Sofa and wholesale prices.


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