NEO-300399E Lobby Office Hotel Upholstered Sofa


NEO-300399E Lobby Office Hotel Upholstered Sofa

$ 530.00

Upholstered sofa contributes to the decoration thanks to its comfortable sitting and decorative appearance. It can be upholstered with leather or fabric. The metal leg can be chrome, copper, brass, bronze-plated. It can be painted in desired color. The custom made sofa is ideal for lobby, office, hotel, hospital, plaza decorations.


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Lobby Office Hotel Upholstered Sofa

  • Its stylish stance, comfort and durable structure are the outstanding features. The sofa, which is in the  contract furniture group, adapts to many decorations thanks to its plain appearance away from exaggerated details. Since it is custom made, all details can be selected. It is preferred for enterprises where human traffic is very high. It can be used in lobby, office, hospital, plaza, hotel, school decorations.
  • The metal legs provide extra durability. Chrome plated is the standard but different coatings can be requested for the legs such as brass, copper, bronze, gold coatings. In addition, it can be produced as static painted in desired color.
  • It can be upholstered with fabric or leather. Faux leather, suede, nubuck, velvet, linen, coton, chenille can be used. There are many color charts in which color and pattern selections can be made. The back cushion can be produced as quilted. Please ask for information for the upholstery cleaning instructions.
  • Single sofa is also produced in the same model. Each product can be ordered separately in any quantity. Please contact to get detailed information about the sofa.