NEO-300394E Waiting Sofa


NEO-300394E Waiting Sofa

$ 483.00

Waiting sofa is preferred for common areas in company, office, hospital, clinic and shopping centers. Color can be selected for the upholstery, wooden body and metal parts. Each piece can be ordered separately. The sofa can be produced in customized dimensions.


Please contact us for further details about the production stages, technical information, delivery time, customised logo production, modification options, price information and to place an order.


Waiting Sofa

  • Decorative waiting sofa is the right choice for places where people are intense, such as company, office, hospital, clinic and shopping malls. It can be produced in customized dimensions according to the place of use.
  • Parts of the waiting sofa can be ordered separately. It consists of a single sofa, double-sided sofa, lighting and flowerbed.
  • Fabric and leather can be selected for the upholstery of the waiting sofa. Charts are available for colors and patterns.
  • The body of the sofa is made of laminated-mdf. You can choose from solid colors and wood pattern alternatives.
  • Metal parts can be produced in desired color as static painted.
  • Sofa dimensions w.150cm d.84cm h.90cm
  • It is resistant to use in crowded places. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.