NEO-300252E Wingback Office Chair Quilted

NEO-300252E Wingback Office Chair Quilted

NEO-300252E Wingback Office Chair Quilted

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Wingback office chair quilted is an office chair model that can be used in your corporate designs, hotel interiors, and areas such as schools and hospitals comfortably.

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Wingback Office Chair Quilted

If you want to create a classic and sophisticated design in your office furniture, this office chair will meet your needs. It is a good candidate to be the most charming piece of your office furniture with its unique comfort and high quality that offers in each part of it. You may use the office chair model in your corporate designs, hotel interiors, and areas such as schools and hospitals comfortably.

The seat, back and arm areas of the office chair that will provide comfort to the office and work desk are made of a wooden contra formed by heating. Not only, thanks to its wheeled stellate chrome legs it provides to move in your working space, but also its highly adjustable shock absorber system allows you to adjust the height of the chair easily.

You can transform the office chair to a personal design with minimal touches in line with your desired area of usage. You may select metal legs among alternatives presented, if you wish, you can also decide on the fabric preference in the seat and back area of the chair.

You may select any color and pattern among upholstery or leather fabrics. You may also alter the wood color of the chair and you may have your corporate logo applied on this wood part. You can create a unity with desired color preference and logo applications as you wish.

You may contact us to learn more about the classic office chair, share your ideas and order at advantageous prices.


  • It is included in the production program on order.
  • Materials used: The seat, back and arms should be laid on a wooden contra formed by heating. Wheeled stellate chrome plated legs.
  • Height-adjusted shock absorber
  • Ask for different leg models.
  • Fabric or leather can be used for upholstery. Color and pattern selection are available.
  • On demand, logo can be applied on wood part for commercial areas.
  • Wood color can be selected by the user.
  • Use of area: It can be used interiors. It is suitable for areas of company, school, hospital, public enterprises, factory, and hotel. Please ask for detailed information for the wholesale of Classic Office Chair.

Please contact us to get information about production stages, technical information, delivery time, production with logo, modification options, price information and order.