NEO-300135E Platner Chair Replica


Platner Chair Replica

Designed for indoor use, the Platner Chair Replica stands out with its modern and stylish design. One of the most suitable choices for enterprises in the horeca sector, the chair is also used in places such as restaurant, hotel dining area, coffee shop, cafe and steak house. The product, which is also preferred for clinical, office, plaza and hospital dining areas, supports modern and comfortable use.

The main body of the chair is designed as metal. The color selection of the metal body is made by user. Static paint is applied on the metal body, which can be painted in the color chosen from the color chart. High density polyurethane foam is preferred in the production to support comfort in both short and long sessions.

The users are offered fabric or leather options in different colors and patterns for the seat, back and armrest area upholstery. In addition, you can choose from the color chart containing many upholstery options such as suede, nubuck, artificial leather, linen, cotton and acrylic.

Platner Chair Replica can also be produced as a sofa. If you want to have a product that will add a modern touch to your enterprise, please contact for detailed information.


Platner Chair Replica is custom produced.

Material Used: Its main body is metal. Different types, colors and patterns of fabric or leather can be used for seat and back upholstery using high density polyurethane foam. There are many color charts with options such as artificial leather, suede, nubuck, velvet, linen, cotton and acrylic.

Color selection can be made for the metal body. It can be painted in the color chosen from the ral chart. Metal body is static painted.

Usage Area: It is the right choice for decoration of enterprises in the horeca sector. It is preferred for hotel dining areas, restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, steak house use. It can also be decorated in the dining areas of hospital, clinic, office, plazas.

It is suitable for indoor use.

This design is also produced as a sofa. It can be decorated together.

Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of Platner Chair Replica.


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