NEO-254243E Round Metal Table Ø70cm


NEO-254243E Round Metal Table Ø70cm

Ø70cm Round metal table is preferred due to its industrial design, long life and usefulness. Color selection is available and ideal for commercial use. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor dining areas of hotel, cafe, food court, coffee shop, fast food businesses.


Round Metal Table Ø70cm

  • The decorative stance and durability of an increasing number of preferred industrial style tables stand out. The metal table is suitable for commercial use which is ideal for hotel, cafe, coffee shop, food court, fast food businesses. It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Color can be selected from ral chart for table color. In outdoor use, cataphoresis coating is applied before static paint to prevent rust.
  • The table can be disassembled. In this way that can be easily transported, shipped and stored.
  • Besides the metal table, food and beverage industry; It can be used in the dining areas of hospitals, offices, public institutions, schools, clinics. The chairs page can be examined for chair selection.

Additional Information;

  • Metal table can be produced as a square measuring 70x70cm. Request information for special measurements.
  • Different models of metal, aluminum, polypropylene and polycarbon table legs on the table legs page can be examined.
  • Please contact for detailed information and wholesale price with us.