NEO-252242E Square Hpl Table Cast Iron Leg 70x70cm


NEO-252242E Square Hpl Table Cast Iron Leg 70x70cm

70x70cm Square hpl table, with cast iron leg. Color is alternative and ideal for commercial use. It is easy to clean, robust and stylish looking. It is preferred for indoor and outdoor decoration of cafe, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, fast food businesses.


Square Hpl Table Cast Iron Leg 70x70cm

  • Decorative, robust and useful table is ideal for commercial use. It can be used in indoor and outdoor dining areas.
  • Hpl table top is 12mm thick. Color and pattern selection can be produced.
  • For cast iron table leg, color selection can be made from ral chart. Glides are located under the table leg.
  • With the pedestal leg of the table makes the chairs move more comfortably.
  • This model can be produced as a bar table.
  • In high quantity shipments, the table is deliveried as disassembled. Low transportation cost advantage is provided, it can be easily installed.
  • Square hpl table is advantageous thanks to its easy cleaning, suitable for food contact, many color and pattern options and all weather features. It can be used for many years in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, fast food businesses. It is also ideal for hospital, office decorations, lunchroom section. For chair models, the category of chairs can be examined.

Additional Information;

  • Hpl table top can be ordered in different sizes and round. Optionally, it can be produced in 24mm, 36mm, 40mm thicknesses. For more information, the hpl table top page can be viewed.
  • As an alternative to cast iron table legs, models on the table legs page can be examined.
  • Please contact for detailed information and wholesale price with us