NEO-251247E Square Hpl Table Pedestal Metal Leg 76x76cm


NEO-251247E Square Hpl Table Pedestal Metal Leg 76x76cm

76x76cm Square hpl table has a comfortable use as it has pedestal legs. It is preferred for commercial use. It is the right choice for the use of hotel, restaurant, cafe, shopping mall, coffee shop, food court, steak house, fast food. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Square Hpl Table Pedestal Metal Leg 76x76cm

  • Stylish and eye-catching decoration can be created for guests with a modern table. The table, which preserves its new look for many years, is produced according to color choices. It has easy cleaning and hygienic properties that are important for dining areas.
  • The thickness of the table top is 12mm.There are many color and pattern options that make it easy to adapt to the decoration. The metal table leg is produced as static dyed according to the color selection made from the ral chart. If the table will be used outdoors, cataphoresis coating is applied in addition to the paint. Against ground defects, there are glides underneath. As the table leg is in the middle, it provides comfortable use.
  • Tables can be disassembled.This feature provides an advantage for transport, shipping and storage.
  • Hpl tables are now favorite for commercial use. It can be seen in the decoration of many businesses. It is used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, food court, coffee shop, steak house, fast food. Besides, It is also preferred in dining areas of hospital, clinic, office, factory, school, public institution and plaza buildings. The chairs page can be viewed to create a table set.

Additional Information;

  • Hpl table top can be requested in different sizes, shapes and thickness depending on the decoration. Table top; It can be ordered as square, round or rectangular. In thickness; You can choose from 24mm, 36mm, 40mm. For detailed information, the hpl table top page can be viewed. Depending on whether the table top is larger or smaller, the size of the table leg may also change.
  • A different model can be selected as a table leg. The table legs page can be viewed. There are numerous models such as metal, aluminum, polypropylene, polycarbonate, iron cast, aluminum cast. Please contact us for detailed information and wholesale price.

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