NEO-251200E Woven Rope Sled Base Sofa For Garden

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NEO-251200E Woven Rope Sled Base Sofa For Garden

Woven Rope sofa is among the popular garden furniture thanks to its design, comfort and durability. Metal sled base and cushions have color alternatives. It is ideal for hotel, holiday village and cafes. Chair, armchair and armless chair are produced in the same model.


Woven Rope Sled Base Sofa For Garden

  • Stylish, useful and comfortable garden sofa is among the favorite products thanks to its maintenance-free and durable structure. The popular design is suitable both for home decoration and commercial use. It can be used with an armchair and armless chair  produced in the same model. The sofa with color alternatives is one of the few products that are specially custom produced for decorations in the garden furniture group.
  • UV added acrylic fabric is used for the cushions of the woven sofa. The color of acrylic fabric does not fade, it can easily be cleaned thanks to its water repellent feature. High density foam provides comfort and long-lasting use.
  • Since the body is metal, it does not require maintenance. It is lightweight and easily moved. It can be painted in the color selected from the ral chart.
  • The ropes are produced suitable for outdoor use. Color can be selected.
  • Garden sofa is preferred by enterprises due to its stylish appearance and comfortable seating. It is the right choice for hotel, holiday village, cafe decorations.

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