NEO-250208E Vintage Metal Chair Upholstered Seat


NEO-250208E Vintage Metal Chair Upholstered Seat

The vintage metal chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be ordered as upholstered or cushioned. It can be used in home, cafe, coffee shop, hotel decorations. Color selection can be made. The comfortable and strong chair are very popular to its decorative appearance.


Vintage Metal Chair Upholstered Seat

  • The metal chair, which is preferred by those who look for a vintage look as well as comfort in garden furniture, adds a nostalgic atmosphere to its decoration. It is ideal for product, dining and chat areas to its round back form covering the body, large sitting area and ergonomic structure.
  • The sitting area of ​​the chair is be upholstered. It can also be ordered as a cushion instead of fixed flooring. If there is no storage space in winter, the cushion can be taken and the chair can be left. Leather or fabric can be selected.
  • The metal body is statically painted and can be painted in the color chosen from the ral chart.
  • You can look at the category of tables with many models for dining table selection.
  • The dimensions of the vintage chair w.53cm h.62cm h.78cm
  • The chair, which stands out with its different style among garden furniture, is also ideal for indoor use. It can be displayed decorative look with solid wood, marble and hpl tables. In addition to home decoration, it is also suitable for commercial use to its solid body structure. It can be used in crowded areas such as cafe, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale price with us


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