NEO-250198E Hotel Lounge Chair Interior


NEO-250198E Hotel Lounge Chair Interior

$ 140.00

Lounge chair is ideal for hotel, office, hospital, clinic, bank, cinema, theatre, spa, shopping mall use. It is suitable for interior decorations. It is custom produced specifically for the project. Color selection can be made. It has a comfortable seating and a strong body structure.


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Hotel Lounge Chair Interior

  • The lounge chair, in which metal, upholstery and wood are used together, can be decorated in many areas. Its front, back and side view has an aesthetic appearance and it is the ideal choice for those who are looking for different designs. The upholstered seat is quite comfortable thanks to its curved form and ergonomic structure. The robust metal body ensures the product is durable for many years for commercial use.
  • Different fabric and leather types can be chosen for the upholstered part of the lounge chair. There are many color and pattern alternatives. UV-added leather or fabric can be used for places exposed to extreme sun.
  • The color of the metal body can be determined by user, the color can be selected from the ral chart and can be painted as shiny or matte. Different coating types such as chrome, copper and brass can be applied for bulk orders.
  • Product dimensions w.67cm d.72 h.78cm Weight 13,3Kg
  • It is suitable for indoor use.
  • It can be used as a waiting chair in hotel, office, hospital, factory, school, clinic, cinema, theatre, bank, spa, shopping mall decorations. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.