NEO-250183E Metal Chair Comfortable Indoor Outdoor


NEO-250183E Metal Chair Comfortable Indoor Outdoor

Comfortable metal chair can be used both in indoor and outdoor dining areas. Colors can be selected for the cushions and the metal body. It is a decorative and durable product for hotels, cafes, shopping malls and coffee shops.


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Metal Chair Comfortable Indoor Outdoor

  • The chair, preferred by many enterprises, is produced to host a large number of guests and to be resistant to outdoor weather conditions. The main goal is to provide comfortable seating in hotels, cafes, shopping malls, restaurants and coffee shops that are visited for pleasant times. The design, which has equal back and arm heights, is extremely comfortable.
  • The seat and back cushions of the chair can be produced with different fabric types according to indoor or outdoor use. Optionally, it can be upholstered with leather. The cushions are zippered.
  • The most important advantage of the metal body is that it does not deform. It can be painted again at any time. Color can be selected from the ral chart. Cataphoresis coating is applied before painting to prevent rusting for use in garden areas.
  • Apart from the horeca sector, it is ideal for home decorations. It can be used in the home balcony, terrace and patio areas. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.



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