NEO-200882E Food Court Outdoor Round Table

NEO-200882E Food Court Outdoor Round Table

NEO-200882E Food Court Outdoor Round Table

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The product, which is the choice of architects and enterprises that want to offer their guests a stylish decoration and comfortable use; can be changed according to your demand.



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Food Court Outdoor Round Table is produced in decorative and modern style and has a wide usage area. General uses are in the kitchen, hotel dining area, cafeteria, food court, fast food restaurant, mess hall and balcony. As the tabletop is werzalite, it is recommended to use indoors. Different tabletops can be requested for indoor or outdoor use. For example, compact, solid wood, aluminum and laminate tabletop alternatives can also be applied on the rattan table legs. If desired, the table leg can be sold separately. Rattan looking table leg is produced with polypropylene and glass fiber material. The extremely robust table leg is not affected by heat and rain. Since the table base is aluminum, it is stainless. For wholesale orders, the size and color of the tabletop may change, and the base color can also be selected. Detailed information can be requested. The table is produced in white, dark gray and brown as standard. It is a safe, easy to clean product for contact with food.

Dimensions in cm and weight in kg
Unit Weight:14
Information on packaging units
Pcs in Carton Box:1 Pc + 1 Pc
Package dimensions in cm and volume
m3 0,060
Logistics information
20 DC Cntr:500
40 HC Cntr:1000
82 Cbm Truck:1300