NEO-200266E Cross Back Bar Stool Plastic Outdoor


NEO-200266E Cross Back Bar Stool Plastic Outdoor

Cross back bar stool has five different color options. It is ideal for cafe, bar, hotel, restaurant decorations. It can be used with the kitchen island. The comfortable, sturdy and decorative bar stool is suitable both for indoors and outdoors. It is produced with UV added polypropylene material.


Cross Back Bar Stool Plastic Outdoor

  • In its journey from 19th century to the present, thonet style products, which gained admiration every period, took its place in the garden furniture collection. Cross Back Bar Stool, which is one of the products that appeal to the eyes, also contributes to a pleasant time with its ergonomic structure. The chair, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor decorations of houses and enterprises, has color alternatives. It can be used in garden, patio, poolside, seaside areas. It can be decorated around the kitchen island at home. It is also resistant to intensive use in hotels, pubs, cafes, shopping malls and coffee shops. It is ideal for cafe areas of company, office, hospital, clinic, airport, school, factory etc. The bar stool has two different seat height options. Selection can be made according to the height of the bar table. This design is also produced as a plastic dining chair.
  • Bar stool made of polypropylene material, is resistant to harsh weather conditions. It is resistant to conditions such as temperature differences, sunlight, rain, snow. It is not necessary to protect the product.
  • Cross back bar stool has five different color alternatives as white, black, dark gray, olive green and taupe. It has high UV resistance and does not fade under the sun.
  • Since it is easy to clean, it contributes to the hygiene of the environment in which it is located.
  • The chair with the durable body maintains its new look even in enterprises with intensive human traffic.
  • In addition to plastic bar tables, the plastic bar stool can be used with hpl bar table, massive bar table, glass bar table, laminated mdf bar table. Cushions can be ordered for the seat. Color and pattern can be selected for the cushion. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices.

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