NEO-200189E Sling Sun Lounger

NEO-200189E Sling Sun Lounger

NEO-200189E Sling Sun Lounger

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It is produced with seven different color combinations. Advanced technology product, Sling Sun Lounger is preferred by enterprises such as beach club, residential site, water park due to its light body and solid structure, stackability, comfort and stylish stance.


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Sling Sun Lounger features a stylish stance to complement the decoration with its vibrant colors and modern lines. The skeleton of the sun lounger is made of glass fiber added polypropylene. Its durability is an important feature for enterprises with intensive human traffic. It provides a stylish, comfortable and solid use for long years as a hotel sun lounger, pool sun lounger, beach sun lounger, waterpark sun lounger and garden sun lounger. Sunloungers can be stacked when not in use and at the end of the season. Changing its place is quite practical. Thanks to its light structure and hidden wheels, it can be easily pulled to the desired location without effort. The fabric used on the sun lounger is Serge Ferrari brand. The fabric does not stretch and is UV protected against sunlight. If the fabric is deformed due to usage, it is practical to change it. It can be changed in place without needing service. The use of mattresses is not necessary. The fabric part dries quickly in minutes after a wet seating. In this respect, it is very hygienic. The back part of the sun lounger has 5 levels. There are many color options both for body and fabric parts. The color combinations are as follows: 1-Body / 2-Fabric, White / White, White / Taupe, Dark Grey/Black, Black / Black, White / Blue, White / Turquoise, White / Yellow


Dimensions in cm and weight in kg
Unit Weight:16,5
Information on packaging units
Pcs in Carton Box:18
Package Weight (kg):312
Package dimensions in cm and volume
m3 3,449
Logistics information
20 DC Cntr:135
40 HC Cntr:324
82 Cbm Truck:400