NEO-200085E Indoor Outdoor Plastic Chair

NEO-200085E Indoor Outdoor Plastic Chair

NEO-200085E Indoor Outdoor Plastic Chair

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A stylish design chair for hotel, cafe and restaurant projects.


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Indoor Outdoor Plastic Chair is the equivalent of the peak point expectation of aesthetics. It is designed with a modern perspective in its design where simplicity comes into prominence. Thanks to the open back, the table also comes to light. For this reason, the elegant table preference is not shaded. In addition, this feature of the chair adds a fresh air to the room. The Plastic Chair, with main purpose of providing comfortable seating, completes this mission as an object that appeals to the eye. It is produced by the mixture of polypropylene and glass fiber material is strong enough to challenge time. The natural-looking colors are not affected by sunlight and do not fade. The robust structure and color options expand the usage area of ​​the product. The chair positioned in the garden of the house for family or friends or as a single chair, next to the side table provides a stylish decoration. It can be used by enterprises where human traffic is intense in dining areas during the day, with the comfort of house for the guests.  It is produced in white, dark gray, red, taupe, yellow and black colors. Being stackable when not in use and being lightweight are the other advantages. Please contact for wholesale prices and detailed information.


Dimensions in cm and weight in kg
Seat Height:45
Unit Weight:4,250
Information on packaging units
Pcs in Carton Box:4
Package Weight (kg):21
Package dimensions in cm and volume
m3 0,420
Logistics information
20 DC Cntr:256
40 HC Cntr:652
82 Cbm Truck:720