NEO-200039E Plastic Wedding Conference Chair

NEO-200039E Plastic Wedding Conference Chair

NEO-200039E Plastic Wedding Conference Chair

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Offers many advantages such as design, ease of use and robust structure as a standard and is the choice of architects and enterprises.



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New design Plastic Wedding Conference Chair is produced as monoblock. In addition, thanks to glass fiber additive, it can be durable for years. The aim of the design is to use in different places such as a ballroom chair, food court chairwedding chair, conference chair, cafeteria chair. The high-back design gives the user extra comfort. For use in ceremonies, it can be covered with decorative cover. The ergonomics needed by the human body is aimed in the seating and back sections. In the production, advanced technology techniques are used. You can see the perfect production process in all the details of this product. All the visible and invisible surfaces are in smooth structure. With its elegant structure and modern style that appeals to the eye, you can use this product in very modern or in contrast; classic spaces. The five different color options provide the advantage of adapting to its environment. The UV additive used in its production allows the colors to remain same for years at different temperatures. You can use this product indoors or outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. Another feature that makes life easier for the customers and enterprises is that the product is extremely light. It can be stacked, stored and transported easily when not in use. It is an extremely accurate choice for enterprises due to its elegance, affordable prices and numerous advantages.

Dimensions in cm and weight in kg
Seat Height:46
Unit Weight:4
Information on packaging units
Pcs in Carton Box:4
Package Weight (kg):20
Package dimensions in cm and volume
m3 0,389
Logistics information
20 DC Cntr: 320
40 HC Cntr: 664
82 Cbm Truck: 888