Iroko Tables

Iroko Tables

Reflecting the aesthetic stance of wood to the decoration, iroko tables are long-lasting products. The tables that you will enjoy in your home and enterprise also have the feature to stand outdoor conditions all year round. Iroko tables are resistant to different weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, cold and humidity. You can use Iroko Tables in the garden, balcony, terrace and patio areas.

The products preferred by enterprises in the horeca sector such as fast food restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants and bars stand out with their stylish look and aesthetic designs. You can use the tables produced with different sizes, shapes and leg designs both indoors and outdoors by completing them with iroko chairs and iroko benches.

The iroko tree, which grows in African rainforests and is an alternative to teak wood, is very suitable for outdoor furniture production. Tables made of kiln-dried iroko wood and maintained with teak oil can be used in all living spaces for many years.

Iroko tree is quite durable due to its natural texture, high density and heavy structure and draws attention with its color which gets darker over time. 

Iroko tables are suitable furniture for outdoor spaces as they are water resistant. Iroko layers are also used in parquet, boat, yacht and shipbuilding.

Since Iroko table models are custom made, they can be designed in any shape and size. Please contact us for designs in which square, round and rectangular table tops are completed with metal legs or for tables made entirely of iroko wood. You can make the legs of the iroko tables suitable for your purpose of use with different materials such as aluminum, cast iron and metal.

Iroko Tables Models

Iroko tables models, known for their durability and striking appearance, offer a diverse range of models catering to various tastes and needs. The classic dining table model, typically featuring a sturdy, thick top and robust legs, is perfect for family gatherings, exuding warmth and resilience. For modern interiors, designers often prefer sleek Iroko coffee tables with minimalistic lines and polished finishes, making them a subtle yet elegant addition to any living room. Outdoor Iroko tables are especially popular due to the wood's natural resistance to weathering, often seen in garden and patio settings. These models usually have a more rustic feel, with options ranging from round bistro tables to expansive rectangular designs for outdoor dining. In office settings, Iroko desks bring a touch of sophistication and durability, often crafted with functional designs including drawers and ergonomic heights. Each Iroko table, regardless of its model, showcases the wood's unique grain and texture, making every piece a distinct and timeless addition to both traditional and contemporary spaces.