Iroko Chair Models

Iroko is a water and sun resistant wood that we use in the production of garden furniture. It is preferred because it is more economical than teak tree. It is the right choice for those who prefer to use natural materials for a garden chair. Iroko chairs can stay outdoors all year long. As with all teak furniture, at the end of a year, it is necessary to apply teak oil again, as the oil in the tree dries out. It is a practical and pleasant maintenance process.

Iroko chairs are custom made. It is generally preferred by hotels, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. As it is custom production, many changes can be made on the chair model determined by the architect or business owner. In addition to the chair models in the product collection, chair drawings can also be produced. In addition to chairs, many types of garden furniture such as bar chairs, iroko table or table tops, iroko chaise lounges, iroko benches can also be ordered.

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