Coffee Shop Tables

Coffee Shop Tables

If you want to make your guests feel comfortable and make them enjoy their coffee at the same time, It is useful to choose the furniture of your place carefully. One of the ways to offer both elegance, style and comfort in coffee shop businesses is to be act sensitive about coffee shop tables. Coffee shop tables; offers a guarantee to adapt to the style of your cafe with dozens of different materials such as metal, plastic, solid wood, werzalite, glass, iron cast and marble. Indoor and outdoor tables, which are produced in different geometrical shapes such as square, circle, rectangle, and have different designs on their legs, stand out with their durable features. You can complete the decoration with the selected chair model that suits the table.

Metal Tables For Coffee Shop

If your choice table is Metal Table, you can evaluate the different models we offer. Table tops produced with different materials such as hpl, werzalite, solid wood can be placed on metal table legs or the table can be produced with a complete metal material. Custom made metal tables promise durability and long-lasting use. The table tops and the table with metal legs can be used both in indoor and outdoor. You can choose the color according to the style of your business and you can request special size production.

Hpl Tables For Coffee Shop

Hpl Tables For Coffee Shop are among the most preferred tables. For the table top, you can choose from the colors that are in stock. You can choose from solid color, wood pattern, marble pattern, stone pattern options. It can be produced in the desired size. It can stand in outdoor for 12 months. The table top is available in 12mm, 24mm, 36mm, 40mm thickness options. Metal table legs are custom made, they can be painted in the desired color.

Laminated Mdf Tables For Coffee Shop

The Laminated Mdf Tables For Coffee Shop are an ideal option for indoor decoration. Size and thickness can be selected for the table top. You can choose from dozens of different colors. Mdf Tables stands out with its durability and economic price.

Veneer Tables For Cafe Shop

It is obtained by covering natural wood on MDF. Different types of tree patterns such as walnut, oak, beech can be requested. It can be painted in natural color or the desired color can be used according to your preference. It is an ideal option for indoor decoration. You can order the custom made table in any size you want according to your business. You can evaluate the different table leg models in the table legs category.

Solid Wood Tables For Coffee Shop

Solid Wood Tables are also recommended as an alternative to veneer tables. Solid wood tables, produced from beech, oak and walnut trees, are suitable for interior spaces, and It is also the choice of those who care about touching the tree. You can order these custom made table models in any sizes you want as square, round and rectangular.

Plastic Tables For Coffee Shop

If you think plastic material will be more useful in your business, you can have a look at durable designs that do not compromise their stylish stance. Plastic Tables for Coffee Shops are resistant to UV rays, so their colors do not fade under the sun. In addition, the glass fiber material used during production which adds unbreakability to the products. Plastic tables in the garden furniture category are also preferred for indoor decoration thanks to their stylish designs. Tables that can stand in the garden, patio, terrace and balcony areas in all seasons have a lot of color options.

Marble and Glass Tables For Coffee Shop

Marble designs have an impressive appearance with natural stone patterns and can be used safely both in indoors and outdoors. On the other hand Glass Tables are ideal for indoor and outdoor, while different glass color can be preferred. Marble and glass tables can be custom-made in accordance with the decoration and can be produced as square, round or rectangular.

Werzalit Tables For Coffee Shop

Another alternative is Werzalit Tables. Tables with plain color, wooden, marble and stone pattern options are included in the economic group. It is not recommended to leave the products in outdoors under the sunlight and rain for a long time.
You can evaluate the tables produced by Neo Horeca Furniture with high quality standards and get information about the products and prices.