Rattan Effect Plastic Chair Models

Rattan Effect Plastic Chairs are frequently preferred among the garden furniture product group due to their decorative appearance as well as their economic prices. It is suitable for both home decor and commercial use. Rattan effect plastic chairs are the right choice for hotel, cafe, restaurant, food court, coffee shop, fast food restaurants thanks to their advantageous features. Its durable body structure is suitable for crowded dining areas both indoors and outdoors. It is resistant to weather conditions in garden, patio, balcony and terrace areas. It does not require careful use. Due to the UV additive used in its production, their colors do not fade. It can stay under the rain and snow.

Rattan effect plastic chairs are stackable. They can be stored easily when not in use and do not take up space. Their lightness makes them easy to carry. This feature provides convenience both for enterprises and guests.

Rattan effect plastic tables category can be viewed for the table to be used together. It can also be used with different tables according to the decoration. For example, it can be combined with massive, hpl, werzalit tables, veneer tables. Armchairs, bar stools, bar tables, sofa and lounge sets, sun loungers, swing are also produced with the same texture. Please contact for detailed information and wholesale prices of the rattan effect plastic chairs.