Rattan Effect Plastic Sofa and Lounge Sets

Rattan Effect Plastic Sofa and Lounge Sets are frequently preferred outdoors in houses and commercial enterprises due to their stylish appearance, robustness and economical prices. Products in the garden furniture category can be ordered as a set or each part can be ordered separately. It consists of a single sofa, loveseat, three seater sofa, corner sofa, coffee table and side table.

Products are made of polypropylene material. Thanks to the UV additive, colors do not fade. You can choose from white, dark grey, brown colors. Cushions produced with different fabric types are used for rattan effect sofas. Cushions of any color can be produced with acrylic or polyester fabrics. The cushions are zippered for easy cleaning.

For sofas formed by combining modular parts, each module can be ordered in desired amount. In this way, the sofas can be requested in desired length and shape depending on the area. For example; U sofa can be created or the length of the rattan effect corner sofa can be changed. Please ask for information.

Rattan effect sofa has all-weather feature. It is resistant to weather conditions such as extreme sun, rain and snow. It can stay outdoors all year. Garden sofa set, patio sofa set, terrace sofa set, outdoor sofa set is the right choice for those who are looking for stylish decorations. In addition, its comfortable seating ensures a pleasant time in summer.

The sofas, which contain all the features that are important for an enterprise, are ideal for commercial use. Outdoor decorations can be created with comfortable, solid and stylish sofas. These products are generally preferred for hotel, cafe, coffee shop and shopping malls. It can also be used in the resting areas of offices of factories.

Rattan effect lounge sets can be stacked or disassembled according to the model. These features are advantageous at times of transport, shipping and storage.

Please contact for detailed information about the rattan effect sofa and lounge sets and the wholesale prices.