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Restaurant Tables

Restaurant Tables

Restaurant Tables produced according to the latest design trends are ready to make a difference with their new generation features. Tables that adapt to every style and provide a luxurious style; can be preferred for hotels, cafes, fast food restaurants, 3rd wave coffee shops and all other commercial businesses. The products contribute to the corporate identity of the enterprise by offering a wide range of color options. Also, different leg types allow presentation of an exclusive image. Please check the chairs category for restaurant chairs that you can combine with the restaurant tables.

Metal Tables For Restaurant

Tables can be produced as all metal or table tops made of different materials can be placed on the metal table legs. All models can be used indoors, but tables designed with only hpl, aluminum and iroko table tops are suitable for outdoors. Color selection can be made from the ral chart for metal table legs and the most suitable appearance can be achieved for the decoration. These tables are custom production, they can be produced in desired sizes.

Solid Wood Tables For Restaurant

Solid wood tables are also custom produced. The size and thickness of the table top can be specified, and the table can be painted in desired color. Different trees can be preferred for solid table tops. It is offered with options such as walnut, oak, beech, and iroko. Massive tables, which are the favorite of those who prefer a natural look, are ideal for interior decorations.

Veneer Tables For Restaurant

In addition to restaurants, they are frequently preferred by other enterprises in the food and beverage sector. Different applications such as oak, walnut and beech can be preferred on mdf. Tables with both size and color options are ideal for interior decorations. It can be produced in square, rectangular, round or even special shapes. It can be ordered with metal or wooden table legs.

Hpl Tables For Restaurant

HPl tables, the favorite selection of recent years, have many color and pattern alternatives. It is usually designed with metal table legs. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to its durable structure and easy cleaning, it is ideal for use in crowded enterprises. Custom production hpl tables can be produced in any size.

Werzalit Tables For Restaurant

Color and size can be selected from the table tops in stock. The desired metal table leg model can be selected among options. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Its prominent features are its durability and lightness. Their being economical ensures that these tables are preferred by many enterprises.

Cast Aluminum For Restaurant

Size and model selection can be made among cast aluminum tables produced with certain molds. It can be used comfortably both in indoor and outdoor dining areas. Color selection can be made for the static painted tables. They can be painted as shiny or matte. Demountable tables can be moved easily and do not take up space. They are ideal tables for those who prefer classical style in the decoration of dining areas. They continue to be a favorite due to their stylish appearance and durability for many years. If desired, hpl, werzalit or solid wood table tops with cast table legs can be chosen.

If you are looking for an aesthetic, useful and solid table for your enterprise, please check the restaurant tables produced by Neo Horeca. Please contact for detailed information about the products and wholesale prices.

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