Occasional Chairs

Occasional Chairs

Occasional Chair, which is among the indispensable furniture of interior spaces, provide long-lasting use thanks to its quality production materials. Occasional Chair models, which provide multi-purpose use, please their users with their design features as well as their quality. The simple and elegant designs, which include refined details inspired by nature, can be easily combined with any style of furniture, creating a perfect integrity in decorations.

You can choose to use Occasional Chairs, which have very wide usage area, as a single or as a double set, and you can create a corner in your living rooms. In addition, Occasional Chairs are used independently of the decoration, so they can easily be adapted to any decoration style. Thanks to the quality materials, ideal dimensions and perfect craftsmanship, Occasional Chairs are among the custom furniture that have been used with pleasure for many years.

The New Decoration Trend: Occasional Chairs

Modern, classic, country, vintage and retro designs come to the fore in the Occasional Chairs collection. Occasional Chairs help create a brand new atmosphere in spaces with their comfortable, flexible and stylish design models. The use of Occasional Chairs is extremely popular, especially in living rooms, hotel decorations, office and plaza waiting rooms, resting areas of hospitals and clinics, cafes and coffee shops.

Occasional Chairs suitable for indoor use are produced from wood and metal materials. Standing out with their durable and robust structure, the models guarantee a comfortable long-term sitting experience thanks to the ergonomics that support the spine. High-density foam that maximises comfort distinguishes the design from its counterparts. Fabric or leather can be used in upholstered models, and the color, pattern and type of materials can be selected by the user.

Aesthetic Occasional Chair Models

In custom produced metal Occasional Chair designs, the body can be static painted in the desired color. Again in metal models, the products can be preferred with chrome, brass and bronze coating.

Your enterprise is important not only with its delicious food, but also with its design and comfort. If you would like to host your guests in your home or enterprise in the best possible way, you can take a closer look at the Occasional Chairs collection, which has a wide range of products.