Kitchen Island Bar Stools

Kitchen Island Bar Stools

Kitchen Island Bar Stools are among the stylish furniture that creates a modern atmosphere in restaurants and workplaces as well as home decorations. Bar stools, which are a kind of long chair model with a footrest that supports the legs, allow functional use in small spaces thanks to their high and narrow structures. Bar stools, which are suitable for bar table or counter height table use, give a sophisticated and dynamic look to their space.

Bar stools, which are widely used in enterprises in the horeca sector such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and steak houses, can also decorate the dining areas of hospitals, clinics, offices or plazas. The bodies of the kitchen island bar stools with different types, materials and models are made of wood or metal material.

Different types, colors and patterns of fabric or leather can be preferred for the seat and back of bar stools using high density foam. You can choose one of the upholstery types such as artificial leather, velvet, nubuck, linen, cotton, acrylic, and you can choose the color you like from the ral chart for the metal body. Color options are also available for the wooden body.

The first class wooden material preferred for the body of wooden designed bar stools is stylish thanks to its quality appearance. Kitchen Island Bar Stools with a vintage, retro or classic design are functional and stylish products that take up little space in the kitchen. Bar stools, which offer a variety of themes in terms of style with their modern, classic or casual models, adapt well to decoration in different styles. Bar chair models with or without armrests, with backs, upholstery or cushions not only appeal to your taste, but also help organise your indoor or outdoor seating plan.

Bar stool models with not only aesthetic appearance but also seating comfort offer durable and long-lasting use. You can view options that meet different needs of spaces, such as a bar stool for a fast food restaurant or a bar stool that provides appropriate seating comfort in the hotel lobby. Among the bar stool models, of which all details are determined by the user, you can immediately determine the product that will offer the comfort and elegance suitable for your place and request information.