Cafe Bar Stools

Cafe Bar Stools

If you are running a café or bar or you are preparing to open, the choice of Café Bar Stools is very important. Furniture that can be produced with different materials according to the design of the place, varies as metal, plastic, polycarbonate, wood, woven, cast iron and upholstered. Cafe Bar Stools which are designed both for indoor and outdoor use, stand out not only with their ergonomic features but also with their minimal designs. Bar Stools are produced in various colors which adds a modern touch to the atmosphere of your place.

Metal Bar Stools For Cafe Decorations

If you want the metal material to dominate your indoor and outdoor spaces, you can prefer Metal Bar Stools. Metal Bar Stools with different color options are produced both as glossy and matte. The models, which are coated with cataphoresis before painting, become resistant to all weather conditions when used outdoors. The designs of the back part of the Bar Stools vary as cross back, striped back or completely closed, while the seating parts are upholstered or wooden, which appeals to every style. High chairs, which you can choose for indoor or outdoor use depending on the material they are produced, are comfortable for your guests to relieve their tiredness.

Plastic Bar Stools For Cafe Decorations

If you want to choose plastic material in your place, you can take a look at the Plastic Bar Stools which are produced using unbreakable glass fibre material. These chairs, which are resistant to UV rays, can be used easily for a long time, in indoors or outdoors. Designs, which give plastic material an elegant appearance with a modern point of view, adapt to any environment with their easy use and different color alternatives. In addition, their light weight provides ease of use for both guests and business.

Iroko Bar Stools For Cafe Decorations

A material that has never lost its popularity in all time is wood. If you want prefer natural appearance for your outdoor decoration, wooden café bar stools are the best choice for you. Wooden bar stools are made from iroko wood, which is known for its resistance to water, moisture and sun and grows in the African rainforest. Finally, protective teak oil, which is a mixture of specially selected natural oils, is applied on the productions, emphasis the natural appearance of the design. In this way, wooden bar stools, which are durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, make your guests feel privileged.

Polycarbonate Bar Stools For Cafe Decorations

Other designs produced in the cafe bar chairs category are diversified as polycarbonate, cast, woven and upholstered chairs. Models produced with polycarbonate material are designed as transparent and bright. It is highly resistant to UV rays and maintains its new appearance for many years without fading colors.

Woven Bar Stools For Cafe Decorations

The woven chair models are mostly suitable for indoor spaces and a rope that is not affected by UV rays is knitted on the metal body. It is recommended not to leave it under rain when used in outdoor. While the metal body can be painted in matte or bright, there are various color options for knitted rope.

Cast Aluminum Bar Stools For Cafe Decorations

You can choose cast chairs to add a stylish and classic atmosphere to your place. You can choose the color from the ral chart and get the most suitable look for your decoration. Aluminum cast bar stools are resistant to external weather conditions. It can also be used for indoor decorations.

Upholstered Bar Stools For Cafe Decorations

Upholstered Bar Stools include models in which leather or fabric upholstery can be applied on a wooden or metal body. If you find models using wood and fabric or leather together aesthetic, you can prefer these products which is quite comfortable. The Upholstered Bar Stools models are an ideal for indoor decorations.
Regardless of your decoration, you can examine the durable and comfortable cafe bar chairs that meet your expectations, ask for information about their prices, and order immediately.