Balcony Chairs

Balcony Chairs

Balcony Chairs provide the high quality hospitality especially for the horeca customers (hotel, restaurant, cafe) in balcony and terrace areas.  The chairs which are the important element of the decoration which complete the decoration of your place can be produced in different color and material. Garden furniture resistant to UV (ultraviolet) rays can be preferred, especially depending on the sun exposure of the balcony or terrace. The comfortable chairs are made of metal, plastic, wood, cast and polycarbonate materials, which helps your customers have a comfortable and enjoyable time in your place.

Metal Balcony Chairs

Metal balcony chairs are among the most preferred types of chairs by businesses with open spaces. The Metal Balcony Chairs are produced upon order, can be prepared in bright and matte appearance. Cataphoresis coating is used in metal balcony chair in order not to be affected by sunlight and rain. It can be prepared in any color.

Plastic Balcony Chairs

The Plastic Balcony Chairs are very useful for many businesses thanks to their lightness. Since it is produced with glass fibre material, it is resistant to intensive use and does not break easily. Plastic chairs, which are in high demand among garden furniture, add color and joy to the environment thanks to their vivid colors.

Iroko Balcony Chairs

Wooden garden furniture are frequently used especially in businesses that prefer vintage and minimal designs. The wooden balcony chairs which is suitable for outdoor use is made of Iroko wood. Teak oil is applied on the product which provides durability. Wooden chairs, which you can decorate with pillows and covers, helps you create a rustic and peaceful atmosphere on balconies and terraces.

Woven Balcony Chairs

Another type of balcony chair that can be used in horeca businesses is the Woven chairs. There are different rope color option in the chair which is prepared with woven rope on the metal. The ropes and metal material which are used in the chairs are resistance to sunlight. However, in order to have a long-lasting use, it is preferred to keep it away from rain and to be used in closed areas.

Polycarbonate and Aluminum Cast Balcony Chairs

Polycarbonate and cast iron chairs are one of the favourite pieces of balconies and open spaces thanks to their unique appearance. Polycarbonate chairs are resistant to UV rays and their colors do not fade. For this reason, it can be used for a long time and adds a minimal and stylish look to the environment. Aluminum cast chairs, which can be preferred in different colors, are ideal for businesses whose priority is durability and quality.

You can prefer any model among the balcony furniture models in different colors and sizes according to your wish. You can get information about prices and order the products immediately.