Art Deco Sofa

Art Deco Sofa

Furniture produced with the Art Deco movement; which emerged in France and spread to many different parts of the world, including Europe, and has been loved since the 1920s; is ideal for sophisticated spaces. Art Deco sofa is produced with geometric, round and oval lines in accordance with the characteristics of the movement.

Sofa designs that adapt to various concepts with different model types are suitable for modification in the upholstery and body parts, and the size can be shortened or extended. Products generally have low backrest and armrest designs and are suitable for use with together with sitting areas or dining tables thanks to their different sizes. The products have parts such as textile upholstery, wooden and metal parts and you can choose among light and dark colors.

Stylish Art Deco Sofa Designs

Stylish and comfortable sofas are often preferred in the decorations of different spaces such as waiting rooms, living areas of houses, hotel lobby areas or offices. Among these sofas, which allow more than one person to rest at the same time, there are also stylish models belonging to historical trends.

Adaptable to different styles with its classic look, Art Deco sofa provides harmony with different furniture such as tables, coffee tables and side tables. There are also quilted models enriched with different color details such as gold, silver and copper. There are Chesterfield options which find their place in modern decoration with their light colors. In buttoned designs, which are called quilted, the color of the staples can be changed in accordance with the concept.

Functional Art Deco Sofa Models

Art Deco Sofa adds a cosy atmosphere to interior designs thanks to its comfortable and stylish structure. The upholstery, which is made of different textile fabrics such as cotton, acrylic, linen and leather, is has high quality foam on the inner part. Among the comfortable models with mostly wooden frames, metal details also stand out.

Leg designs with different geometric forms are produced as robust and durable. A variable number of legs are used in the corners and lower parts of the sofa. Made of materials such as metal and wood, the legs can be plain and have a flamboyant appearance with knots. In sofa models with open sides and armrest details; different elements such as cushions, fixed upholstery and pillows are used to ensure that the user feels comfortable.