Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs

Although the accent chair, which is among the furniture designs frequently used in seating areas, has the appearance of a single seat; it is distinctive due to its form and ostentatious structure when compared to a standard single seats.

Whether modern or classic styles are preferred; it is a stylish model that provides the comfort of the users at all times. It has a striking appearance thanks to its details. Embroidered, carved and embossed patterns are often preferred in accent chair models, emphasising a "father's seat" structure. The accent chair, which started to be used with Rococo in France, has become a favourite of stylish spaces thanks to its different forms over the years.

Modern and Stylish Accent Chair Models

Accent chair is of great importance for creating comfortable and intimate spaces both for personal and public use. You can host guests with a double set in front of your desk in your office, you can use it for decorations of hotels, cafes, restaurants, or you can use it at home while spending time by the window enjoying a view.

Stylish designs are produced with accent chair models made of wooden and metal materials. The different colors of the natural raw wooden texture adapts to rustic and Scandinavian styles. For metallic details, you can choose materials with different color coatings such as brass, copper, bronze and chrome.

Cross, conical, parallel and single leg models adapt to different styles. Metal wire and stick details find their place in modern and industrial styles. Quilted and leather models are often preferred for classical style, while vibrant colors and geometric cuts are used for modern decorations. There are different body structures created as classically designed oval and circular lines or branch  patterns inspired from nature.

Tips to Make Life Easier With Accent Chair

There are stylish and modern accent chair designs that you can choose to create a special seating area in the spaces you decorate. It provides a comfortable feeling during resting moments thanks to its body design and quality foam made of high quality materials.

You can use the stylish accent chairs as a double set or as single, or you can create alternative concepts by mix-matching it with sofas and chairs. You can choose products in suitable textures and sizes according to the width of the room and the length of the table if it is to be used together. You can choose from the color options for the upholstery, fabric or body as it is custom furniture.