Rattan Effect Plastic Bar Tables

Rattan Effect Plastic Bar Tables

Rattan effect bar tables are the ideal choice that appeal to places such as bars, hotels, cafes, coffee shops, food courts, fast food restaurants, shopping malls. Bar tables, which add a stylish and modern look to decorations, help you create a more spacious environment by saving space.

Plastic outdoor furniture are suitable products for use all year round, both indoors and in outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces and balconies. Bar tables, which can be used daily in various areas of enterprises, are ideal models that are frequently preferred for organisations such as parties, cocktails and celebrations.

You can achieve a pleasant visual harmony in spaces by using bar tables together with rattan effect bar chairs. If you wish, you can create a different style  by choosing bar chairs made of wood, metal or plastic materials to be used together with bar tables.

The square-shaped base of the product is made of aluminum and the leg part is made of polypropylene material. The polypropylene material is poured into the mold and takes the shape of the mold with high temperature. At the end of this process, a surface that looks like a rattan weave is obtained. There are white, black, brown and grey color options for the rattan effect legs.

Thanks to the UV protection used during production, color fading does not occur on the materials. The table top on the table leg is made of werzalit material. For long-term use, it is not recommended to leave the table top made of werzalit in seasonal conditions such as heavy sun and rain.

For outdoor bar tables, the table top can be produced from compact, iroko or aluminum material instead of werzalit. They are stocked products, but if you request, they can be prepared to suit your decoration with different table legs and table tops.

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