Iroko Sofa and Lounge Sets

Iroko Sofa and Lounge Sets

Preferred for garden furniture productions, iroko is a good option for those who prefer naturalness. Being a solid tree, iroko is used as it is resistant to outside weather conditions. As with teak furniture, it needs to be oiled at certain periods. Garden sitting group, patio sitting group and balcony sitting groups are produced using iroko tree.

In the Iroko Sofa and Lounge Sets category, models that are liked both in appearance and comfort are offered. Iroko furniture  for home decoration and commercial use is custom produced. In this way, size changes can be made in the products. Also, for 3D drawing projects, the technical specifications of the desired model can be sent and the possibility of productıon can be requested.

Many of the garden furniture are produced with iroko. You can get information about iroko chairs, iroko tables, iroko table tops, iroko bar tables and iroko sun loungers. In addition, this wood can be preferred as an commercial outdoor furniture as well as for indoor decorations. In recent years, a more stylish appearance is achieved with the use of wood furniture together with different materials. Iroko furniture is designed with mesh, aluminum and upholstery. These combinations are widely used today as garden furniture designs compete with indoor furniture.

Iroko furniture is ideal for commercial use due to their durability. It is frequently used in cafe, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, shopping mall decorations. It is preferred due to its natural appearance, custom production according to special size, and comfortable seating. Produced as stackable or disassembled is among the priority issues for shipments abroad.

As an alternative to iroko, which is preferred primarily in the production of natural looking garden furniture, different types of trees can also be requested. Please ask for information about special productions stating the appearance, price and features of the wood.

In order to use the furniture for many years, trend designs are analysed, ergonomic measurements are calculated for comfortable seating, and the production phase is initiated with quality materials and proper production techniques. Please contact for questions about the iroko sofa and lounge sets and for the wholesale price information.